Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why a Chicken Farmer is Like a Corporate Re-Org

A chicken farmer is driving down the road in a truck. All of his chickens are comfortable sitting on their roosts in the back of the truck. They are happy and content in their place. They know the chicken next to them and they quietly cluck away doing their work. (cluck, cluck, cluck ..)

Every now and then, for no apparent reason, the farmer pulls to the side of the road and stops the truck. He walks to the back and opens a door. He gets a baseball bat and bangs on the side of the truck.

The chickens squawk loudly and fly off their comfortable perches in all directions. Some fly out the door but most of them settle down on a new perch.

Now, the chicken next to them is different. The perch is different. They are uncomfortable and do not know what to make of their new surroundings. There is an uncomfortable clucking noise in the truck that is not as content as it was before. (CLUCK! CLUCK! CLUCK …)

Eventually, the chickens settle down as they get used to their new surroundings. They get used to their new roost and the chickens next to them. After some time, they go back to doing exactly what they were doing before, again content.  (cluck, cluck,cluck…)

Until the next time.

Remember, job security is the skills you have, not the company you work for.

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