Sunday, October 20, 2013

For 90 Seconds You Have Little Control - After That it is up to You !

I learned something very interesting this week at my therapist. She told me that scientific studies have found that when a person is exposed to negative emotional situations like anger, surprise or stress it takes 90 seconds for it to pass through your system. During this time, you have very little control.  This is a physical fact, like gravity.
Our mothers told us to count to 10 when we get angry before we do or say anything. Turns out, we should count to 90. Even though our mother was off by a few seconds, the idea was the same, hang tight for a while before you do anything.
How does this relate to Agile process and servant leadership?
We all have encountered situations that invoke negative emotional feelings. With this knowledge under our belt, we know to wait a bit before we begin to formulate a response and then act. After this 90 seconds passes, we do have control but we have to wait.
Let the 90 seconds pass, then figure out what to do. After the 90 seconds, it is up to you!
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